Liquid Web Cloud Hosting

If you own a website or blog, no matter what you’re looking to achieve from said site or blog, you are going to need to host it somewhere, somehow. With over a billion websites currently in operation, and with that number growing every day, web hosting companies are looking to tap into this industry, and why would they not? However, whilst you may be spoilt for choice when it comes to web hosting, that does not mean that all of the web hosting companies currently in operation can provide you with what you need. One name however, that has been standing out for all of the right reasons, is Liquid Web Cloud Hosting, which is why we’ll be looking at Liquid Web in more detail right now. Below you will find a detailed Liquid Web cloud hosting review, so take a look, see what you think, and find out whether Liquid Web could be the host for you.

Who is Liquid Web? – If you’re looking for managed cloud-based WordPress hosting, liquid web could be the company for you. Liquid Web have been around a long time, since 1997 in fact, and as of this writing, they possess three separate data centres located in Michigan. With more than 30,000 clients located in over 150 countries across the globe, Liquid Web are one of the fastest growing web hosting companies currently in the business. Even though Liquid Web have been in operation since 1997, it wasn’t until the year 2015, that they began rolling out their hugely popular managed WP packages to their clients.

What are the primary features? – Some of the key features provided by Liquid Web include the following:

Fully managed updates and WP hosting – WordPress is the most used platform in the entire world, with more than 20% of all online sites being WP. The great thing about Liquid Web is that they provide automatic updates for plugins and themes for your WP site, so keeping your site up to date just couldn’t be easier. This is ideal because it means you needn’t worry about carrying out manual updates yourself.

VPS services – Virtual Private Servers are considered more efficient than shared hosting, and with Liquid Web, you benefit from these VPS servers. Not only will your WordPress site become more reliable, it will also perform quicker in the process.

Completely free website transfers – Another great feature associated with Liquid Web, is the fact that they offer completely free website transfers. This means that if you are already in possession of a WordPress blog or website, due to the super-fast migration service offered by Liquid Web, it can easily be transferred over to Liquid Web’s servers for absolutely no additional costs at all.
Final thoughts – As you can see from the above, Liquid Web are experienced, popular, reliable, and affordable. All of this, and much more combined, means that Liquid Web could be the cloud hosting solution to your website that you’ve been searching for for so long. Liquid Web offers security, reliability, great uptime rates, great customer service, and great value for money.